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2. 0.00100 mol of HCl, a strong acid is dissolved in 100.0L of water A. What is the molarity of the acid? B. what is the [H+] ions? C. What is the pH? D. What is the [OH-]? 3. A. An isotope with an atomic number of 89 and a mass number of 225 emits an
alpha particle. What are the atomic and mass numbers of the resultant atom? B. An isotope with an atomic number number of 74 and a mass number of 188 emits a beta particle. What are the atomic number and mass number of the resultant atom? 4. What is the pressure
in atmospheres of 125 grams of N2 gas in a 12.0L container at 25.0oC ? 5. Considering the reaction: 2C8H18 + 25O2 → 16CO2 + 18H2O How many liters of CO2 gas result when 525 grams of C8H18 react at 25.0oC and 1.20 atmospheres of pressure? 6.. A. When SO3 is
added to water does the pH increase, decrease, or not change? Explain the reason for your answer . B. Why does the pH change when MgO is added to water ? 7 What is the prime difference between a strong acid such as HCl and a Weak acid such as CH3COOH ? 8.
How many grams of NaOH are contained in 825mL of a 0.400 molar solution? 9. Person A has well water with 0.011 ppm(parts per million) of Pb2+. Person B has well water with 6.50×10-5 grams of Pb2+ in 5.00 liters Clearly showing the reason for your answer, which
person has well water with the lower concentration of Pb2+ ? 10. 975 atoms of an isotope with a half life of 4.50 seconds are synthesized. How many atoms remain A. after 9.0 seconds? B. after 13.50 seconds?