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Respond  to the following questions using the cases in the text as your support  and citation:  Upon what ethical basis can we impose a prohibition  against PEDs?  Is this prohibition justified?  Cite any arguments that  may justify the use of PEDs in sports.  What is unethical about using  PEDs to attain excellence in sports to become a better performing  athlete?  Where do we draw the line for PEDs? For example, why is  aspirin NOT considered a PED if it yields a better performance by  preventing debilitating pain for an athlete.


Thornton, P.K., Champion, W.T., & Ruddell, L.S. (2012). Sports ethics for sports management professionals. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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Chapter 6 : Violence in Sports

Chapter 7 : The Ethics of Drug Use and Testing

Must be 1 page in length minimum

Make sure to cite and use references. No header/title page needed.