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Anthropology Assignment

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Write your essay response and save your work as a Word doc or docx, or in .odt, .rft or as a .pdf .


Choose your favorite non-human primate species to research. Identify your primate species by its taxonomic name (genus and species) AND its specific common name at the top of your response.

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IMPORTANT: Choose a specific primate species, not a general group term like “lemur” or “baboon”, not a taxonomic classification like “Haplorrhine” or “monkey”).

Using reliable sources outside of your textbook, research where your chosen non-human primate species lives (region and habitat), what they eat, whether they are generally diurnal or nocturnal, how big they are (males and females), how active they are in general, the size of their groups and the dangers they face (predators, for example, each other, maybe?). You may include other details if you like, but the aforementioned are the required pieces of information for this assignment.

THEN: Compare your research with the information presented in the textbook.  Does your brief research correlate with the information about the predicted balance between food quality consumed and energy expended as presented in the textbook? Do not leave this part out of your short essay response!

Write a brief ORIGINAL report on your findings (no copying from any source).

Do not include quotes or pictures. Tell me what you learned in your own words entirely.


Your name and the date of this assignment in the top left corner of your paper.  DO NOT put my name or the course name/number at the top of the page.

Identify the taxonomic and common names for your primate species at the top of your essay response.

No title page, no abstract, no footnotes.

Include a source page in which you list all of the research sources you consulted.

Minimum one full page of text.  More is OK, less is not.

Double-spaced, one-inch margins all around, typed in English, 12-point font.

Use grammar befitting of a college student who cares about her/his grade.  Spell-check and re-read your paper before submitting it to the drop box for this assignment on the course website.

Save and submit your paper as a Word doc or .docx or as .rtf or .pdf files. Canvas does not accept work submitted in .pages or as Google Docs, Google Drive shared documents or as ZIP files.