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Peer Reviewed Article

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Select one peer-reviewed scientific article with the topic on animals of any phylum, except any domestic animals or pets or humans. Write a succinct summary of the main points and findings of the article, and then a more thorough review/critique. Include a full citation of the peer-reviewed article using the format for the journal Ecology:

Single author:

Last name, First initial. Second initial.  Date.  Title.  Journal title volume number:pages.

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Example:  Abrams, P. A.  1987.  The functional responses of adaptive consumers of two resources.  Theoretical Population Biology 32:262-288.

Two or more authors:

Last name, First initial. Second initial., First initial. Second initial. Last name, and First initial. Second initial. Last name.  Date.  Title.  Journal title volume number:pages.

Example:  Hjalten, J., K. Danell, and P. Lundberg.  1993.  Herbivore avoidance by association: vole and hare utilization of woody plants.  Oikos 68:125-131.

Include a URL link to the article so that I can find the original article that you cited. Your paper should be at least one-page, but no more than two pages, long and single-spaced. If you are citing statements from the article, please paraphrase or put them in a quotation. Points will be deducted for grammatical errors, misspellings, and poorly written sentences.