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Week 3 Assignment

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Application: Problem Statement


Problem statements help to further define the nature of a problem/issue, as well as provide the rationale for why a particular problem was chosen. In this Application Assignment, you will write a problem statement for the problem/issue you selected.

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To prepare:

· Review the “Problem Statement Description and Examples” document in this week’s Learning Resources, keeping in mind your Capstone Project.

· Review your justification for the topic you selected in Week 2.

The assignment:

In 1-2 pages, respond to the following:

· Write a problem statement for the problem/issue you have selected for your Capstone Project.

I need you to look for barriers to treatment or lack of effective treatment.  Diagnosis confusion due to co-morbid disorders might be a problem to consider related to substance abuse; however, given the interest related to relapse, barriers might be the best direction.

Please read everything I’m asking for this assignment and what direction I need it to go.