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1. Could a large animal rely solely on food vacuoles? Explain.

2. A friend says, “It’s not ingestion that causes you to gain weight; its absorption.” Is this statement true? Explain.

3. _________________Is the breakdown of food into small molecules, whereas ___________ is the uptake of these small molecules by the body’s cells.

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4. Why don’t astronauts in zero gravity have trouble swallowing?

5. Which class of large biological molecules is primarily broken down in the stomach? What enzyme is responsible?

6. What type of organism is responsible for most stomach ulcers? If ulcers are detected early, how can they be treated?

7. Most chemical digestion occurs in the ______________as a result of the activity of enzymes made in by the ______________.

8. Explain how treatment of a chronic infection with antibiotics for extended periods of time can cause a vitamin k deficiency.

9. Why is the amount of oxygen you consume proportional to your metabolic rate?

10. Which vitamin excess cold pose the largest threat?

Bonus 20 pt on Exam 5:

Please write a one page (minimum) paper describing how the digestive system works in detail. Points will be added or deducted based on effort and the complexity of the paper itself. Please do not exceed two pages. The paper is to be submitted via black board and will be sent through a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism over 50% will receive deductions. If 100% plagiarism is denoted the paper will not