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Apply the principles of ethical research.

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Apply the principles of ethical research. Directions Assignment 1 – “Research Ethics” exercise (20 points or 2% of your overall grade, due Sunday at midnight CST of Week 1). For this assignment, select either the “Milgram experiment of obedience to authority” or the “Stanford Prison Experiment.” Both are classic studies in social psychology that have long raised uncomfortable ethical debates about the limits of responsible social research. You might begin here for brief overviews (but do not limit yourself — there are many excellent references to draw from, on the web or in print): A summarize what you feel to be the important points of the selected project B identify at least three accepted modern standards of social research C explain whether it does or does not live up to these three standards D if it does not live up to a standard, explain what could be done to fix the problem or to prevent the problem in other situations E Post a synopsis of your paper in the “Reflections” discussion thread and respond to at least 2 other student postings.