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Identify three ways to explain why poor neighborhoods tend to have higher levels of crime.

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Using social disorganization theory, identify three ways to explain why poor neighborhoods tend to have higher levels of crime.Your written assessment must be academically and professional written using APA format. Your submission must be at least 3 pages in length, not including your title or reference page. You are required to use your text as a primary resource and at least 2 scholarly peer reviewed articles to support your thoughts. If you have questions about how to use in text citations or the format of your reference page, please refer to the UTEP library for some helpful tools. Your submission will be submitted through SafeAssign, which is a tool that provides a percentage of originality. The higher your percentage is, you will lose points. Tip: Instead of quoting directly, paraphrase and cite. I do review the reports to see what it is tagging; however, it is still important to submit your own work. DO NOT COPY and PASTE. You may NOT USE WIKIPEDIA or HUFFINGTON POST as a reference.