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When a network does not have a server, all the computers essentially are equal, and programs and data are distributed among them.

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Question 1 Every computer on the Internet has a(n) __________ address. Question 1 options: favorite server ISP IP Question 2 Which of the following statements is true for programming languages? Question 2 options: Compilers translate high-level language programs into machine language programs. None of the above. Interpreter programs use assembly language as input. Interpreted programs run faster than compiled programs. Question 3 When a network does not have a server, all the computers essentially are equal, and programs and data are distributed among them. This is called a __________ network. Question 3 options: local area simple peer-to-peer PC-to-PC Question 4 A __________ is a person or an organization that seeks to obtain or alter data or other IS assets illegally without the owner’s permission and often without the owner’s knowledge. Question 4 options: target key escrow vulnerability threat Question 5 The term “open source” means that the source code of the program is __________. Question 5 options: less stable and platform dependent available to the public available exclusively through licensing available only to carefully vetted contractors Question 6 Which of the following are examples of information systems? Question 6 options: All of the above ATM College registration system Accounts payable Question 7 Cloud resources are __________ because many different organizations use the same physical hardware. Question 7 options: pooled programmatic portable elastic Question 8 An MIS does not help managers to gain: Question 8 options: market niche. competitiveness. none of the above. operational efficiency. Question 9 Which of the following is the presentation format of an application? Question 9 options: User interface Botnet Cookie Process blueprints Question 10 Scientific tools used to manipulate information to help choose the best of several possibilities is: Question 10 options: decision support systems. transaction processing systems. neural networking. AI. Question 11 Which of the following is the largest unit of measurement? Question 11 options: Terabyte Megabyte Kilobyte Gigabyte Question 12 Which of the following conditions exist when data are isolated in separated information systems? Question 12 options: Data segregation Information silo Information overload Encapsulation Question 13 What is source code? Question 13 options: An open source framework File(s) containing statements that provide program instructions A program that produces machine code The object code Question 14 A login password should not include __________. Question 14 options: lowercase letters uppercase letters personal information, such as birthdays more than 8 characters Question 15 Mark is transferring funds online through the website of a reputed bank. Which of the following will be displayed in the address bar of his browser that will let him know that the bank is using the SSL protocol? Question 15 options: ftp https .com www Question 16 The suite of communications protocols used in the Internet is called: Question 16 options: none of the above. URL. TCP/IP. HTML. Question 17 __________ is the activity of altering existing and designing new business processes to take advantage of new information systems. Question 17 options: Business process outsourcing Business process modeling Business process reengineering Enterprise resource planning Question 18 The physical components of a computer are referred to as __________. Question 18 options: software hardware configurations specifications Question 19 A(n) __________ is a computer program that senses when another computer is attempting to scan the disk or otherwise access a computer. Question 19 options: keylogger access control system intrusion detection system botnet Question 20 A relational DBMS allows you to create database structures containing __________. Question 20 options: all of the above table relationships fields tables