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Describe the STRENGTHS AND LIMITATIONS of each perspective

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You need to demonstrate your understanding and critique of perspectives. Choose and research about TWO perspectives among the perspectives that we have learned about during the semester. Examples of macro perspectives/theories include: conflict theories, empowerment theory, feminist theories, functionalist theory, human ecology theory, ecosystems theory, learning theory, social exchange theory, [social] systems theory. For each perspective: ● Describe each perspective in terms of its MAJOR ASSUMPTIONS. Describe the major concepts and emphases of each perspective. ● Describe the STRENGTHS AND LIMITATIONS of each perspective. ● Explain how each perspective does or does not account for the influence of SOCIAL PRIVILEGES AND SOCIAL OPPRESSIONS. ● You need to discuss how each perspective helps you understand interactions between people and macro social systems.   Part Two: Application of Theory  This part of the paper discusses how these two perspectives (theories) would influence your social work practice in a particular framework. This takes up where part one of the assignment left off. You need to highlight the key ideas of each perspective you used in Part One. Specify the social work problem (clientele) you are interested in working with after graduation. ● Identify the SOCIAL PROBLEM that you wish to study ● Indicate the SCOPE AND SOCIAL COST OF THE PROBLEM. In other words, convince me of the severity of the social problem is by using evidence; citing both studies, articles, and other data sources. ● Specify the CLIENTELE in this social work practice (service) setting. I.e., who are the clients in question and in what settings might they be seen in relationship to this social problem. ● What kind of INTERVENTIONS would you provide for this population in accordance with the unique framework of each perspective? ● What are evidenced reasons behind the interventions, or in other words, why do they or should they work? ● Be sure to indicate under what circumstances each perspective (theory) would be useful and the kinds of questions each perspective (theory) might lead you to ask about a client’s challenges. Be sure to answer this for each theory. Paper Basics (for both sections): 1. You must use APA (6th edition) format, including a cover page, page numbers, citation style and references. 2. Each part (parts 1 & 2 should be between 3-4 pages and your final paper should be between 7 and 10 pages long (not including cover page and references). 3. The use of the first person (I feel, I discovered, etc.) IS NOT acceptable for this paper. 4. You may incorporate content and support from our textbook however you are expected to use other scholarly sources. At a minimum you should use 2-3 scholarly sources (peer reviewed journals) in part 1. While you may recite these references in part 2, you should have a minimum of 3 new references in part 2, for a minimum of 5 scholarly references for your full paper. text and one other professional source (text book or journal article). Please remember to both support and cite! This means you will cite throughout your paper, as appropriate. 5. Your paper should demonstrate a significant level of application of content.