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Nursing Shortage Stats Anxiety

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Nursing Shortage Stats Anxiety
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There is a nursing shortage related to the fact that at a university people are dropping out when we are trying to keep them in the nursing programs. They dont enroll or quit the program or
delay the timeline for graduation and degree requirement components specifically because of anxiety related to having to take a statistics course. These students are so afraid of having to take a
statistics course that they either choose a different major and leave nursing altogether or they leave the class for last because of their anxiety. therefore retention and attrition are
considerable problems in nursing education because of statistics anxiety (NOT = math anxiety).
In summary:
Losing nurses. Not pleasing stakeholders who want new nurses.
Its not that theres not enough people. Its that they cant get through course work.
Cant get through course work because have stats anxiety.
each article that is described in the lit review should include:
A) description of what it entails
B) how it is implemented and what it looks like in instruction
C) research conducted with this model
D) advantages and limitation
then synthesize how they address the research question.

Nursing Shortage Stats Anxiety

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