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The format of the paper should be based on the author Julio Cortazar’s writing “Instructions Manual”. I am uploading some documents for example the writing of `instructions to cry’ and ‘instructions to sing’

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The paper doesn’t have a specific format it should be creative.

The format of the paper should be based on the author Julio Cortazar’s writing “Instructions Manual”. I am uploading some documents for example the writing of `instructions to cry’ and ‘instructions to sing’ of Cortazar so that you can read them first and then the language and the structure of my paper should be based on these writings, but never give a quote from Cortazar or refer to him.

The topic of the paper: I chose to give someone instructions about how to be happy.

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Introduction: begin the paper with an interesting hook maybe a rhetorical question.

No thesis written in the introduction.

The introduction should be an opening of the all instructions that will be given to the person.

Body paragraphs: please write a clear and concise topic sentence to each paragraph where in each paragraph mention a varied aspect of how to be happy. Use transitions between paragraphs to make it smooth and avoid passive voice.

Conclusion: end up in a creative way maybe with a very effective instruction on how to be happy that if that person obeys to that instruction he or she will lead to happiness of certain.


When you give advice to someone on how to be happy please in a paragraph state the obstacles of being happy and the difficulty in being a decent person. Please give daily life examples from yours. Please make sure to have deeper meanings in each instruction you give. For example: don’t say “crying or being depressed isn’t beneficial to your health” but say that sentence in a way that the reader should understand how crying in your life had a negative impact on you that you are stating this.The instructions shouldn’t be broad or easy as everyone knows, please make sure to give profound advice. Reading Cortazar’s Instruction Manual writings will be a great example


rather than only giving commandments to someone explain the topic more implicitly. For example do not only say ‘live your life at the moment’ but write this instruction in a more deeply way that has underlying problems inside.

You will see that Cortazar also doesn’t give instructions on how to do something in a straightforward way but the language is very sophisticated.

it should be full of imagery, comparison, expressive words and imperative verbs. Since it is giving advice to someone, you can use “you” language.

The author, Constance Hale has written some writings named as “Make or break verbs” and “the sound of a sentence” You should read these short writings and include those literary devices and sentence structures in the paper.

Please write full 4 pages of creative instructions on how to be happy, according to the MLA format and without plagiarism.

I ordered 5 pages, because the fifth page has to be a reflection of the creative writing.

5th Page: is an academic formal paper style where you have to show the influence of the author’s Cortazar and Hale’s writings to your paper. You should state how you used their guidance or writings in your paper. (ex: if you did repetition in your paper as Hale said it was important to) explain why you used it? Briefly explain the influence the authors’ writings had on your paper. Please give quotations from the writings of both authors. At the end of the reflection please state what was challenging for this assignment and what was rewarding. But do not use “I” pronoun. The reflection should be 1 page long.