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What role do neurotransmitters play with regard to brain functions and behavior?

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You have been asked to do a short presentation on addiction and the effects that certain drugs have on the brain. Your presentation should include the following elements:   Assignment Details   Address the following in 10-12 content slides within a PowerPoint presentation: ·         What does it mean to say that someone is addicted to a drug? ·         Why do people become addicted to a drug physically? Mentally? ·         What is a neurotransmitter? ·         What role do neurotransmitters play with regard to brain functions and behavior? ·         What roles do dopamine and serotonin play with regard to drug use? ·         How are dopamine and serotonin levels affected by various drugs? ·         What is meant by the reward pathways or the reward center of the brain? ·         What differences have been found between men and women in terms of effects of psychoactive drugs and addiction? Your final presentation should follow the following format: ·         Title slide with your name, course code, and unit number ·         10-12 content slides containing your responses to the above questions ·         Each content slide must contain 100–200 words of speaker notes. ·         Slides should contain bullet points not text. ·         Reference slide where all sources are referenced usin