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What statistical analysis you will use to analyze your results

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For this assignment, you will submit the remainder of the research paper, including the components below:

1. Proposed Methods (1 double-spaced page) a. Proposed design of the study b. Proposed participants (sample) you would use c. Proposed materials and apparatus d. Description of procedure

2. Proposed Results (1 double-spaced page) a. What statistical analysis you will use to analyze your results b. Any supplemental analysis you might run if your hypothesis was not supported c. A figure of your predicted trends (remember to keep it in APA style)

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3. Proposed Discussion (2 double-spaced pages) a. A restatement of hypotheses and whether they were supported (based on your proposed results) b. Connecting your results to past research c. Alternative explanation for results d. Limitations of research e. Generalizability of findings