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Question Question 1. Question: Which of the following is not usually a part of a scientific investigation? absolute truth experimentation prediction of new facts testable hypotheses 1 of 1 Question 2. Question : If a scientist is confronted with two competing hypotheses, how does he judge which is better? he asks the advice of one of his fellow scientists about which is correct he labels the more reasonable one a theory he devises an experiment to test the two hypotheses he calculates the differences between the two 1 of 1 Question 3. Question : The scientific method is used every day in solving common problems. Suppose that the lights suddenly go off in your house. Which of the following is a sensible hypothesis for the lights going out? the power pole that feeds your house has toppled over the electricity gremlins are at work again all of the light bulbs in the house have blown out a circuit breaker (or fuse) has burned out in your house 1 of 1 Question 4. Question : If a theory has been tested extensively and seems to apply everywhere in the universe, we call it a law of nature a universal hypothesis a universal theory a supernatural theory 1 of 1 Question 5. Question : Science is the search for regularities in nature. True False 1 of 1 Question 6. Question : In which of the following ways does your informed opinion most greatly influence which scientists get funding for their research projects? The companies you choose for your business (such as your phone company) spend money on research programs affiliated with those businesses. Your subscriptions to magazines go, in part, to various scientific journals affiliated with that magazine. Programs funded by the government are determined by publicly elected officials such as your congressman. You make donations to worthy foundations which, in turn, fund scientific projects. 1 of 1 Question 7. Question : Why is mathematics the language of science? Use of mathematics ensures international cooperation among scientists. Mathematics separates scientists from non-scientists. Mathematics allows scientists to be more accurate in describing an observation of nature. Because scientists are more analytical than creative, mathematics is a way to analyze. Mathematics is like Latin in that it is a way to communicate that few understand. Question 8. Question : The scientific method was invented by the Greek philosopher, Plato cannot be used to solve everyday problems is restricted to use in scientific laboratories is sometimes likened to intelligent problem solving Question 9. Question : Which of the following is correct about observation and experimentation? experiments are performed in a controlled environment. observations are performed in a controlled environment. observations are performed through manipulation of nature. experiments are performed through manipulation of observations. Question 10. Question : Which of the following is least likely be categorized as “science”? Determining the qualities of a pigment used in a famous painting Determining the age of the marble used to make a famous statue Determining the aesthetic properties of a famous poem Determining the thickness of paper on which a work of Shakespeare was written