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Discuss what the principle of "respect for persons" means to you.

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Consider the topic you have selected to complete your evidence-based practice project. While we are not conducting research here, per se, we are considering implementing a new practice – and with any new practice comes the potential for both benefit and harm to clients. It’s important to think about how practice changes may affect clients – both positively and negatively. So as you get ready to conduct your EBP review, you’ll want to think about how you can make sure to keep your clients safe and your practice ethical.

In an APA format paper, approximately 3 pages in length, address the following questions. (Please note that you will continue to write in the same document you completed for part 1 of this assignment (completed in module 2) – you can keep the same cover page, correcting any errors noted on your feedback. Please correct your reference page as noted from your module 2 submission feedback and update it with your new material.) In addition, although you are submitting your entire project to date (with revisions), your actual grade will be based only on the current section, as addressed below:

  • Discuss what the principle of “respect for persons” means to you.
  • How will you ensure that it is carried out in the implementation of your EBP project? (Remember that you don’t need to know the exact outcome/findings of the project yet – you just need to consider how you will ensure autonomy for clients, and protection of those with diminished autonomy, if that is relevant to the practice setting.)
  • Discuss what the principle of “beneficence” means to you. How will you ensure that it is carried out in the implementation of your EBP project?
  • Discuss what the principle of “justice” means to you. How will you ensure that it is carried out in the implementation of your EBP project?

Consider this brief example as you begin the paper:

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In previous modules, we gave this example of a PICO(T) question:

In clients over the age of 65 undergoing elective total hip arthroplasty, is chemical DVT prophylaxis more effective than mechanical DVT prophylaxis alone in preventing the development of DVT in the 30 days following surgery?

So for this assignment you might consider the following:

Respect for persons:

  • Do individuals have the right to refuse DVT prophylaxis if they choose (right to self-determination)?
  • What if they fall into the “diminished autonomy” category (i.e. have dementia, etc.)
  • How does this affect their right to autonomy?


  • How will this project maximize benefits and minimize harms?
  • What might be the benefits of changing practice or staying with the same practice?
  • What would be the risks?
  • How will you make sure that you reduce risks to clients as you consider practice changes?


  • How will you make sure that there is fairness in the distribution of burdens and benefits?
  • Will you make sure that the findings are distributed to all clients?
  • What about on other units? Remember, we should make sure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from research findings, when applicable