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Critical thinking Assignment

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Critical thinking Assignment #1

ATTACHED FILES:5wishes.pdf(163.1 KB)Use of Advanced Directives-CDC.pdf(835.432 KB)

Critical Thinking Assignment #1Under the federal Patient Self-Determination Act, most health care institutions are required to ask patients at the time of admission if they have an advanced health care directive, and must document in the medical record if the patient does have anadvanced directive.However, studies show that most long-term care patients do not have an advanced directive, with the possible exception of a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order.Read the CDC Report on the use of advanced directives in long-term care, and review the 5 Wishes example of a living will.Those documents areattached, but can also be accessed through these links:
You should go through the living will using yourself or a friend or family member as the patient.Your assignment will be to write a 3 page double-spaced paper with your thoughts about the use of advanced directives by the elderly.Possible questions you could address include what the pros and cons are of using advanced directives, what possible barriers may exist to increasing the use of advanced directives, whether as a society we should attempt to increase their use, and how we would go about increasing the use of advanced directives.