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Describe the various environmental forces that affect marketers and their programs.

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Describe the various environmental forces that affect marketers and their programs. (b)What environmental forces may affect Chobani, why and how? Describe the value proposition that a consumer would consider in evaluating your term project product/service. (a)Looking at the marketing mix, how do the elements relate to a product being introduced into an EU market rather than the US market? (b)What would you need to change your group project and why? (a)Where would you need to interact with other functional areas (e.g.. finance, accounting, management, operations) in a company to get a new product from marketing into the marketplace? (b) How would you interact with each discipline (functional area) in marketing your group project? (a) Describe the consumer purchase decision process, (b) Using your term project product, discuss how a consumer would go through the process to purchase. (a)Describe the differences between secondary and primary research and explain how each is used for optimal marketing results. (b)Describe what you used/are using your term project and what you got/want to get from it. (a)Define market segmentation and note the bases on which marketers segment (b)Discuss why segmentation is such a key marketing concept (c) Discuss how your team chose the market segment(s) for your group project. (a) Describe the Product Life Cycle, provide examples of products in each phase and explain how marketers use this concept. (b) Be specific regarding the 4 p’s and other strategies and tactics. (c) Describe how Diffusion of Innovation fits with PLC. Use your group project as an example.