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Explain why it is important to have a company where everyone is focused on serving the customer.

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Week 6 – Grand Targhee Case

For this week’s assignment, you will read a case study from your textbook and respond in essay form, to several questions; applying the concepts and theories discussed in the readings. There is no set word count or page requirement; however 3 – 5 pages of content should be adequate to answer each question using relevant resources to support your conclusions.

The essay should be in APA format, 6th edition, with a title page, in-text citations and a reference page. An abstract is not required and should not be included.

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Rewrite each question as a section header and answer each question completely, using relevant resources to support our conclusions.


Please read Case 14 – Grand Targhee – in the back of your Textbook, then formulate responses to the following questions.

How did the management of Grand Targhee create a service culture? How did they ensure that service culture was embraced throughout the organization?

What internal marketing concepts did Grand Targhee practice to support their overall marketing strategy?

Explain why it is important to have a company where everyone is focused on serving the customer.

Would you have done anything differently if you were on the management team at Grand Targhee? If so, what; and why? If not, why not?