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What other employee-related task was associated with many earlier “employment offices”?

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In addition to hiring, what other employee-related task was associated with many earlier “employment offices”? Payroll Firing Policy development Benefit administration What should a manager do when an employee who has performed satisfactorily for prolonged period and has always gotten along with others begins to show signs of performance and relationship problems? Deliver a no-nonsense warning requiring the unacceptable conduct to cease Meet with the employee and try to isolate the cause of the changes in behavior Immediately refer the individual to human resource Meet with the employee to specifically address the employees recent job performance as it relates to the mangers expectation. Which of the following thought leaders believed most people lack ambition, dislike responsibility, and prefer to be led? Taylor Likert Maslow McGregor Which of the following is not a function of the department manager in obtaining new employees? Reviewing employment applications Interviewing prospective employees Creating or updating job descriptions Checking applicants’ references Which of the following best describes the department manager who is consistently perceived as “facility upward” toward higher management? They are usually well positioned to obtain advantages and favors for the department. The managers team members will inherently provide the best customer service The manager is likely to be seen as identifying more with “management” than with the department The department manager will accomplish more for organizations customers Most employees are more likely to remain their jobs if they: Work as an individual rather than as a contributing member of a team Don’t concern themselves with looking for growth and advancement opportunities Consider themselves lacking value as individuals and as producer Find an acceptable amount of challenge and interest in the work4|