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Case analysis “emerging US health care system “

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Case Analysis

Read Case 1, The Community, in The Middleboro Casebook, pp. 1-32, study graphs at end of case.  In three to five pages address the questions below in sections A and B in an APA formatted paper, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.

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1.     The Community

A.    Demographic and Population Analysis

We need an analysis of the population changes and characteristics in Hillsboro County. Please address each of the following questions and provide appropriate quantitative justification to support your conclusions and recommendations

1.         Over the past five and ten years, which of the communities located in Hillsboro County have grown faster than the overall rate of population increase in Hillsboro County? Over the last five and ten years, which of the communities in Hillsboro County have grown slower than the overall rate of population growth in Hillsboro County?

2.         What should we expect the population to be as of 2025 for all towns located in Hillsboro County?

3.         To what degree does the age profile of Hillsboro County resemble the overall age profile demographic of the United States? Which towns in the county are the “oldest” and the “youngest?”

4.         Assess the implications of your findings related to the delivery of health services in the county.

B.     Hillsboro County Health Analysis

 Using the available data, indicate the top ten health challenges facing residents in this county. Use the state of New Hampshire or your state for purposes of reference. Note that Capital City is not in Hillsboro County. For Hillsboro County list your findings in priority order with explanations and rationale. What are the implications of your findings on the organized health services in the county?

 1.      Visit’s Prevention Status Reports for NH or your state of residence.

2.      View your reference state’s PSR:

3.      Are any of the top ten health challenges facing residents in Hillsboro County preventable?  Are they hereditary?  Are they due to environmental factors?  Are they attributable to other social determinants of health?  Is Hillsboro County similar or unique than your reference state?  How so?  Why might that be the case?