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Evaluate the ways in which the proposed solution is consistent with current research knowledge.

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Describe the advantages and disadvantages of electronic health records being used at the point of care.

Report Issue
1) Conduct a literature review to evaluate solutions to the previously identified problem (Patient-centered Care and Education: Risks across the life-span/ Discharge planning including home environment needs)

Critique a minimum of 7 (different than previously used) peer reviewed articles to provide a sufficient and compelling research base for a proposed solution.
Critique the relevance of the literature to your problem statement
Critique articles for the quality of the science (design, methods, validity and reliability, and conclusions)
Evaluate ideas that will inform your solution
Complete an annotated bibliography for each article following APA format.
Summarize the problem, methods utilized, findings, and conclusions
2) Format a 1,000-word paper that evaluates the proposed solution. Include the following in your evaluation.

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Analyze how the proposed solution will address the problem
How is the proposed solution applicable in this specific organization?
What, if any, modifications have you made to your proposed solution from what was gleaned from the literature review?
Evaluate the ways in which the proposed solution is consistent with current research knowledge.
What are the unique or parallels between the implementation of this solution and the literature?
Analyze potential barriers to the feasibility of implementing the proposed solution
How will leadership support, staff buy-in, finances, legal/regulatory issues, and information technology issues impact the feasibility of implementing the proposed solution?
Analyze the ways in which the proposed solution is consistent with the organization or community culture and resources
What cultural issues which would support or hinder your proposed solution?