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What are the expected benefits of the chatbot you are going to build?

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Assignment 4 Requirements and RubricThe purpose of this assignment is to illustrate the application of cognitive computing and machine learning concepts through building and training a chatbot that simulates the human conversation for the defined scenarios. You will use IBM Watson Assistant service in IBM Cloud for chatbot implementation.Very important – Your chatbot must be implemented 2-3 days before the assignment is due to collect and analyze the conversation data.The assignment due date cannot be changed because the work cannot be accepted after the last day of class.Before working on this assignment• Complete all required reading in the week 10-12 course content• Complete the chatbot self-assessment in the week 10-12 course content• Complete the chatbot walkthrough in assignment 4 folder, including ungraded exercises• Make sure that your IBM Cloud account is activeAssignment Deliverables• A single Microsoft Word or PDF file with a report that addresses all requirements above and all bullet points in the grading rubric.• The JSON file. See the chatbot walkthrough for instructions on how to export the JSON file.Only one assignment submission is allowed. Make sure to attach 2 files before hitting the submit button.To get credit for assignment deliverable, the discussed application and scenarios must be original. The chatbot implementation must meet the defined purpose.Follow the outline below to write a detailed report on your experiment.1. Introduction• Define the purpose of the chatbot and the conversation requirements. How will an end-user interact with the bot? What are the expected benefits of the chatbot you are going to build?• Use Visio or draw,io at to build the dialog flow diagram. Discuss at least 5 dialog scenarios.2. Implementation• Use Watson Assistant service to build the chat bot per requirements above. The dialog implementation is required to utilizeo User entities and system entitieso Each value in the user entity should have at least 3 synonyms