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What should be done for former NFL players who have suffered numerous concussions?

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For your first paper, please write up your reflections based on the video link below (2-3 pages, double spaced, APA format) using the questions below.

The documentary is quite long, so please at least watch the first hour of the documentary to answer the following questions.

Here is the link:

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1. What did you learn about concussions?

2. What was the most surprising thing that you learned?

3. What should be done for former NFL players who have suffered numerous concussions?

4. What should be done to prevent concussions in football?

Below is the citation that you should use for your reflection papers:

Kirk, M., Wiser, M., Fainaru, S., Fainaru-Wada, M., Fainaru-Wada, M., & Kirk, M. (2013). League of denial: The NFL’s concussion crisis. United States: Public Broadcasting Service.

For an in-text citation within your paper, use this: (Kirk et al., 2013). We can use et al. because there are more than six names/authors to cite for this citation.

You DO NOT need an abstract for any papers in this class. Pleas include a title page and reference page.

Here is the APA format Template: